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Curriculum Vitae

5 juillet 2013 ( dernière mise à jour : 2 août 2018 )

Biographical Sketch

Philippe Roux


University Grenoble Alpes, France



2001- Professor degree (habilitation), University of Paris.

1997- PhD of the University of Paris, specialty in Liquid Physics.

1993- Masters Degree in Liquid Physics, University of Paris,


Since Sept. 2009- Director of Research (DR1 CNRS) at ISTerre (Grenoble).

July 2005- Sept. 2009- Research Associate (CNRS) at ISTerre (Grenoble).

Jan. 2004 - July 2005- Research Associate (tenured) at MPL, UCSD.

Jan. 2002- Jan. 2004- Visiting scientist at MPL, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UCSD.

Dec. 1998- Dec. 2001- Research scientist (CNRS) at the LOA, Paris University.

Sept. 1997 – Dec. 1998- Post-doctoral appointment at MPL, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UCSD.

Sept. 1994 – Sept. 1997- Teaching Assistant at Paris University.

Sept. 1994 – Sept. 1997- Graduate student at the Laboratoire Ondes et Acoustique (LOA), Paris University.

Sept. 1989- Sept. 1994- Student of the Ecole Normale Superieure, Paris.


Medwin Prize in Acoustical Oceanography 2013 (Acoustical Society of America)

Reward for Scientific Excellence (PES), CNRS, October 2010.

2009 Best Paper Award of the EAGE.

Laureate of a Junior Chair of Excellence (ANR, French Ministry of Research), July 2005.

Fellow of the Acoustical Society of America, November 2004.

Member of the Acoustical Society of America, December 2002.

Laureate of a Young Researcher Grant (ACI, French Ministry of Research), July 2000.


Philippe Roux is an experimentalist with a strong background in ultrasonics, underwater acoustics and geophysics.

During his PhD under the supervision of Mathias Fink (Paris, 1994-1997), he worked at the laboratory scale on time-reversal experiments in waveguides and sound-vorticity interaction. This earlier work led to the first Underwater Acoustic Coms’ experiment using time reversal in waveguides, which is, up to now, one of the main applications of time-reversal at sea.

He followed his PhD by a one-year post doc (1998) at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography (San Diego), where he learned about computational underwater acoustics in the team led by W.A. Kuperman. He participated to one sea cruise and started to work with ocean data.

He was hired as a full-time Research Associate at CNRS (Paris) in Dec. 1998. He mostly focused his research there on multiple scattering physics in reverberant cavities and time reversal (1999-2001). He also worked on the concept of acoustic resonator using the combination of the dispersion of elastic waves and time reversal in order to produce shock waves of very strong amplitudes from a small number of low-power transducers.

From 2002 to 2005, he was a visiting scientist and then a Research Associate at the Scripps Inst. of Oceanography (San Diego) where he built the ultrasonic laboratory and participated to several experimental campaigns at sea. His research turned toward the spatial-temporal coherence of ambient noise in underwater acoustics and geophysics. During that time, he also developed laboratory experiments in the MHz regime in order to complement the experimental results obtained at sea.

Since July 2005, he is back at ISTerre (Grenoble) where he funded his own acoustic laboratory through an ANR grant (2005). He maintained a strong collaboration with the Scripps Inst. of Oceanography where he spends one month per year. His research topics are centered on underwater acoustics and geophysics, the link between the two being his expertise in wave propagation in complex media and his dedication to multi-scale experiments both on the field and in the laboratory.

His work in geophysics deals with the use of seismic ambient noise recerded on arrays of sensors for the imaging and monitoring of the subsurface layers of the earth at scales ranging from tens of meters to thousands of kilometers. In underwater acoustics, his research is focused on the use of sensitivity kernels as a tool to invert for any kind of perturbation in a shallow water waveguide such as a local change of density (target detection and localization) or the monitoring of a thermal plume or even the imaging of a surface wave at the air-water interface. In most of his work, he takes advantage of a multi-channel electronics and an advanced laboratory set-up where he mimics the shallow water ocean propagation at the ultrasonic scale.

His publications ( 180 peer-reviewed papers, citation index 4800, h-index 34) range from wave scattering in ultrasonics to acoustic tomography in underwater acoustics or geophysics.


1) M. Fink, D. Cassereau, A. Derode, C. Prada, P. Roux, M. Tanter, J-L. Thomas and F. Wu, Time-reversed acoustics, Reports on Progress in Physics, Vol. 63, N. 12, pp. 1933-1995, 2000 (386).

2) K.G. Sabra, P. Gerstoft, P. Roux, W.A. Kuperman and M. Fehler, Surface wave tomography from seismic ambient noise in Southern California, Geophys. Res. Lett., 32, L14311, 2005 302).

3) K. G. Sabra, P. Gerstoft, P. Roux, W.A. Kuperman and M. Fehler, Extracting time domain Green’s function estimates from ambient seismic noise, Geophys. Res. Lett. 32, L03310, 2005 (269).

4) A. Derode, P. Roux and M. Fink, Robust acoustic time reversal with high–order multiple scattering, Phys. Rev. Lett, Vol.75, N.23, pp. 4206-4209, 1995 (254).

5) P. Roux, K.G. Sabra, W.A. Kuperman and A. Roux, Ambient noise cross-correlation in free space : theoretical approach, J. Acoust. Soc. Am. 117(1), pp. 79-84, 2005 (240).

6) P. Roux and W.A. Kuperman, Extracting coherent wavefronts from acoustic ambient noise in the ocean, J. Acoust. Soc. Am., 116 (4), pp. 1995-2003, 2004 (183).

7) P. Roux, K. G. Sabra, P. Gerstoft and W.A. Kuperman, P-waves from cross-correlation of seismic ambient noise, Geophys. Res. Lett., 32, L19303, 2005 (160).

8) P. Gouedard, L. Stehly, F. Brenguier, M. Campillo, Y. Colin de Verdieres, E. Larose, L. Margerin, P. Roux, F. J. Sanchez-Sesma, N. M. Shapiro and R. L. Weaver, Cross-correlation of random fields : mathematical approach and applications, Geophysical Prospecting, 56, pp. 375-393, 2008 (131) [2009 Best Paper Award of the EAGE] .

9) C. Hadziioannou, E. Larose, O. Coutant, P. Roux, and M. Campillo, Stability of Monitoring Weak Changes in Multiply Scattering Media with Ambient Noise Correlation : Laboratory Experiments, J. Acoust. Soc. Am., 125(6), pp. 3688-3695, 2009 (107).

10) K. G. Sabra, P. Roux, W. A. Kuperman, Emergence rate of the time-domain Greens function from the ambient noise cross-correlation function, J. Acoust. Soc. Am., 118 (6), pp. 3524-3531, 2005 (100).


- Organizer of the workshop “Acoustical Imaging of complex media : applications in Medicine, Seismology and Oceanography”, 90 participants, one week, Oct. 2007, Cargese (France).

- Co-Director of the four workshops “Passive Imaging and Monitoring in wave physics : from seismology to ultrasound”, 95 participants, one week, May 2011, April 2013, May 2015 & April 2017, Cargese (France).

- Team leader of the group "Waves and Structures", ISTerre, 2012-2017.

- Member of commission CGRA1 of the Institute of Research and Development (IRD) 2012-2016.


S. Conti (2005), S. Walker (2005), P. Gouedard (2008), I. Iturbe (2009), T. Gallot (2010), C. Marandet (2011), B. Froment (2011), E. Cros (2011), B. De Cacqueray (2012), E. Tudesco (2013), P. Boue (2013), F. Aulanier (2014), M. Rupin (2014), V. Clerc (2015), M. Chmiel (2016), M-A. Brossault (2017), C. Gradon (2018), J ; Aichele (2018), T. Van Baarsel (2019).


E. Larose (March - Oct 2006)
A. Sukhovitch (March 2008 - Dec 2009)
M. Corciuolo (June 2009 - March 2012)
L. Bonneau (Jan 2011- May 2012)
F. Walter (Sept. 2012- Sept. 2014)
A. Colombi (June 2013-Jan. 2015)
J. Riviere (Oct 2016-Oct. 2018)
M. Lott (Oct 2017-Oct. 2019)

I. ACTIVE COLLABORATIONS (number of co-authored papers)

W.A. Kuperman (Underwater acoustics), Scripps Inst. of Oceanography, San Diego (USA) – 45 papers.
M. Campillo (Geophysics), ISTerre, Grenoble (France) – 30 papers.
M. Fink (Complex wave physics), Institut Langevin, Paris (France) – 22 papers.
J. Mars (Signal processing), GIPSA-Lab, Grenoble (France) – 8 papers.
J. Virieux (Inversion), ISTerre, Grenoble (France) – 3 papers.
Y. Ben Zion (Fault zone), University of South California (USC), Los Angeles (USA) – 3 papers
P. Johnson (Rock physics), Los Alamos Laboratory, New Mexico (USA) - 2 papers


-  1- Sept. 2013 - System and method for three-dimensional iterative filtering of scattered waves in cross-spread seismic system, CGG Services S.A., US 20140095079, B. de Cacqueray and P. Roux.

-  2- Oct. 2012 - Device and method for computing depth velocity variations, CGG Services S.A., CGG Services S.A., EP 2594964, US 20130131991, B. de Cacqueray, P. Roux, M. Campillo, S. Catheline, J. Meunier, T, Bianchi.

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