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Sujets de Thèse

Sujets de Thèse proposés pour l’année en cours

Early Moon precession driven dynamo

Contact : David Cébron david.cebron@univ-grenoble-alpes.fr Details on this thesis : here Beyond the Earth, the Moon is the only planetary body for which we have data constraining the planetary magnetic field evolution over a long timescale. However, rather than confirming the validity of the models developed for the Earth, the Moon challenges our current understanding. For instance, (...)

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Modelling Earth’s magnetic field reversals

Magnetic field reversals have also been observed in both experiments and simulations. In numerical simulations, obtaining long-enough time-series is possible only with high viscosity. In such simulation, the mechanism seems to involve inertia or “turbulence” levels (as measured by the local Rossby number) but this is unlikely for the Earth’s core because inertia is expected to be negligible (...)

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Interannual dynamics within the Earth’s core

(contact : nicolas.gillet@univ-grenoble-alpes.fr)

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