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LGIT 2005-2008

LGIT 2005

Amitrano D, Grasso J R and Senfaute G (2005) Seismic precursory patterns before a cliff collapse and critical point phenomena - art. no. L08314. Geophysical Research Letters 32, NIL_11-NIL_15 Andreani M, Boullier A M and Gratier J P (2005) Development of schistosity by dissolution-crystallization in a Californian serpentinite gouge. Journal of Structural Geology 27 (12), 2256-2267 Ashtari (...)

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LGIT 2006

Amitrano D. (2006) Rupture by damage accumulation in rocks. International Journal of Fracture 139(3-4), 369-381 Amitrano D. and Helmstetter A. (2006) Brittle creep, damage, and time to failure in rocks - art. no. B11201. Journal of Geophysical Research Solid Earth 111(B11), NIL_46-NIL_62 Andreani M., Mével C., Boullier A.-M., Escartin J. (2006) Dynamic control on serpentine crystallization (...)

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LGIT 2007

Alboussiere T. (2007) Geostrophic versus MHD models. In Magnetohydrodynamics. Historical Evolution and Trends, Series : Fluid Mechanics and Its Applications, Vol. 80 (ed. S. Molokov, R. Moreau, and H. K. Moffatt) Amitrano D., Gaffet S., Malet J. P., and Maquaire O. (2007) Understanding mudslides through micro-seismic monitoring : the Super-Sauze (South-East French Alps) case study. Bulletin (...)

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LGIT 2008

Affolter T, Faure JL, Gratier JP, Colletta B (2008) Kinematic models of deformation at the front of the Alps : new data from map-view restoration. Swiss Journal of Geosciences 101(2):289-303 Andreani M, Grauby O, Baronnet A, Munoz M (2008) Occurrence, composition and growth of polyhedral serpentine. European Journal of Mineralogy 20(2), 159-171 Angheluta L, Jettestuen E, Mathiesen J, Renard (...)

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