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par Agnès HELMSTETTER - 8 février 2018 ( dernière mise à jour : 13 novembre 2018 )

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Dernière mise à jour : 13 Novembre 2018, 223 articles


Abrahami, R., Huyghe, P., van der Beek, P., Lowick, S., Carcaillet, J., & Chakraborty, T. (2018). Late Pleistocene – Holocene development of the Tista megafan (West Bengal, India): Be-10 cosmogenic and IRSL age constraints. Quaternary Science Reviews, 185, 69–90.
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Ameur, M., Derras, B., & Zendagui, D. (2018). Ground Motion Prediction Model Using Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference Systems: An Example Based on the NGA-West 2 Data. Pure And Applied Geophysics, 175(3), 1019–1034.
Amoroso, O., Festa, G., Bruno, P. P., D'Auria, L., De Landro, G., Di Fiore, V., et al. (2018). Integrated tomographic methods for seismic imaging and monitoring of volcanic caldera structures and geothermal areas. Journal Of Applied Geophysics, 156, 16–30.
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Aristizabal, C., Bard, P. - Y., Beauval, C., & Gomez, J. C. (2018). Integration of Site Effects into Probabilistic Seismic Hazard Assessment (PSHA): A Comparison between Two Fully Probabilistic Methods on the Euroseistest Site. Geosciences, 8(8).
Asafov, E. V., Sobolev, A. V., Gurenko, A. A., Arndt, N. T., Batanova, V. G., Portnyagin, M. V., et al. (2018). Belingwe komatiites (2.7 Ga) originate from a plume with moderate water content, as inferred from inclusions in olivine. Chemical Geology, 478, 39–59.
Askri, D., Ouni, S., Galai, S., Arnaud, J., Chovelon, B., Lehmann, S. G., et al. (2018). Intranasal instillation of iron oxide nanoparticles induces inflammation and perturbation of trace elements and neurotransmitters, but not behavioral impairment in rats. Environmental Science And Pollution Research, 25(17), 16922–16932.
Askri, D., Ouni, S., Galai, S., Chovelon, B., Arnaud, J., Lehmann, S. G., et al. (2018). Sub-acute intravenous exposure to Fe2O3 nanoparticles does not alter cognitive performances and catecholamine levels, but slightly disrupts plasma iron level and brain iron content in rats. Journal of trace elements in medicine and biology : organ of the Society for Minerals and Trace Elements (GMS), 50, 73–79.
Aslan, G., Cakir, Z., Ergintav, S., Lasserre, C., & Renard, F. (2018). Analysis of Secular Ground Motions in Istanbul from a Long-Term InSAR Time-Series (1992-2017). Remote Sensing, 10(3).
Authemayou, C., Brocard, G., Delcaillau, B., Molliex, S., Pedoja, K., Husson, L., et al. (2018). Unraveling the roles of asymmetric uplift, normal faulting and groundwater flow to drainage rearrangement in an emerging karstic landscape. Earth Surface Processes And Landforms, 43(9), 1885–1898.
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Bai, M., Chevalier, M. - L., Pan, J., Replumaz, A., Leloup, P. H., Metois, M., et al. (2018). Southeastward increase of the late Quaternary slip-rate of the Xianshuihe fault, eastern Tibet. Geodynamic and seismic hazard implications. Earth And Planetary Science Letters, 485, 19–31.
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Bato, M. G., Pinel, V., Yan, Y., Jouanne, F., & Vandemeulebrouck, J. (2018). Possible deep connection between volcanic systems evidenced by sequential assimilation of geodetic data. Scientific Reports, 8.
Beauval, C., Mariniere, J., Yepes, H., Audin, L., Nocquet, J. - M., Alvarado, A., et al. (2018). A New Seismic Hazard Model for Ecuador. Bulletin Of The Seismological Society Of America, 108(3a), 1443–1464.
Beckers, A., Hubert-Ferrari, A., Beck, C., Papatheodorou, G., de Batist, M., Sakellariou, D., et al. (2018). Characteristics and frequency of large submarine landslides at the western tip of the Gulf of Corinth. Nat. Hazards Earth Syst. Sci., 18(5), 1411–1425.
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Bievre, G., Franz, M., Larose, E., Carriere, S., Jongmans, D., & Jaboyedoff, M. (2018). Influence of environmental parameters on the seismic velocity changes in a clayey mudflow (Pont-Bourquin Landslide, Switzerland). Engineering Geology, 245, 248–257.
Bievre, G., Joseph, A., & Bertrand, C. (2018). Preferential Water Infiltration Path in a Slow-Moving Clayey Earthslide Evidenced by Cross-Correlation of Hydrometeorological Time Series (Charlaix Landslide, French Western Alps). Geofluids, .
Bievre, G., Oxarango, L., Guenther, T., Goutaland, D., & Massardi, M. (2018). Improvement of 2D ERT measurements conducted along a small earth-filled dyke using 3D topographic data and 3D computation of geometric factors. Journal Of Applied Geophysics, 153, 100–112.
Bontemps, N., Lacroix, P., & Doin, M. - P. (2018). Inversion of deformation fields time-series from optical images, and application to the long term kinematics of slow-moving landslides in Peru. Remote Sensing Of Environment, 210, 144–158.
Bouchet, S., Goni-Urriza, M., Monperrus, M., Guyoneaud, R., Fernandez, P., Heredia, C., et al. (2018). Linking Microbial Activities and Low-Molecular-Weight Thiols to Hg Methylation in Biofilms and Periphyton from High-Altitude Tropical Lakes in the Bolivian Altiplano. Environmental Science & Technology, 52(17), 9758–9767.
Bouchon, M., Marsan, D., Jara, J., Socquet, A., Campillo, M., & Perfettini, H. (2018). Suspected Deep Interaction and Triggering Between Giant Earthquakes in the Chilean Subduction Zone. Geophysical Research Letters, 45(11), 5454–5460.
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