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  • Statut : Chercheur
  • Grade : Directeur de recherche 2
  • Tutelle : IRD
  • Bureau : ///
  • Téléphone :
  • Localisation : Chambéry
  • Courriel : Contactez moi
  • Equipe de recherche / Service : Tectonique reliefs et bassins

I am a geologist with expertise mainly on the regional geology of the Central Andes (mostly Peru and Bolivia). I investigate the history and anatomy of this major orogen, and try to understand why its crust has been so much thickened. I am particularly interested in the issue of continental crust generation and crustal thickening in subduction systems, as well as related tectonics and basin developments. When I have time I also explore possible synergies between geology and Evolution, for instance by using phylogenetic data to advance geological issues (and conversely).

The growing perspective of a relative shortage of metals worldwide is making Peru a particularly attractive country for mineral exploration. In subduction geosystems, primary ore deposits are directly related to past activity of subduction-related magmatic arcs. I am therefore currently studying the migrations of the arc-forearc-backarc system since the Paleozoic, which prove to have been more substantial than previously thought. These studies are being developed with local partners in order to provide ore (and hydrocarbon) exploration with up-to-date and accurate geological information.

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