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  • Statut : Inactif
  • Encadrant : Campillo
  • Grade : Contractuel
  • Tutelle : UGA
  • Bureau : 325
  • Téléphone : +33 (0)4 76 63 52 45
  • Localisation : Grenoble
  • Courriel : Contactez moi
  • Page web
  • Equipe de recherche / Service : Ondes et structures

I am currently a postdoc at ISTerre with Michel Campillo, working on temporal changes in seismic wave speeds during fault slip. I did my Ph.D. at UCSB in Physics with Jean Carlson, and was a postdoc at Los Alamos National Laboratory with Paul Johnson in a position jointly sponsored by the Geophysics Group and Center for Nonlinear Studies.

My research focuses on a wide range of problems at the intersection of physics, geophysics, and materials science, and is highly interdisciplinary. I study how materials deform and fail, in particular multi-scale systems such as earthquakes, and integrate laboratory experiments, seismic observations, theory, and numerical simulations to approach these complex systems.

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