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Raw materials

• Vidal, O. Goffé, B. and Arndt, N. (2013) : Metals for a low-carbon society, Nature Geoscience, 6, 894-896
• Vidal, O., Goffé, B and Arndt, N. (2013) : Approvisionnement en matières premières non-énergétiques : le cas de la France. Bulletin de la société d’études économiques et sociales, 70, 13-25. ISSN 0035-2772.
• Goffé B., Christmann P., Vidal O. (2012) : La recherche pour l’utilisation durable des ressources minérales - Géosciences n° 15 - (BRGM, Paris, France), 80-90
• Vidal, O., Weiheld, P., Hageluken, C., Bol, D., Christmann, P., Arndt, N. (2013) : On the industrial handling of non-energy raw materials. The ERA-MIN Research Agenda. 98 pp., available at : www.era-min-eu.org

Nuclear waste confinement, CO2 sequestration

• M. Fleury, J. Pironon, Y.M. Le Nindre, O. Bildstein, P. Berne, V. Lagneau D. Broseta, T. Pichery, S. Fillacier, M. Lescanne, O. Vidal : (2010) Evaluating sealing efficiency of caprocks for CO2 storage : an overview of the Geocarbone Integrity program and results. Oil & Gas Science and Technology, 65, 435-444.
• Vidal O. and Murphy W. (1999) : Calculation of the effect of gaseous thermodiffusion and thermogravitation processes on the relative humidity surrounding a high level nuclear waste canister. Waste Management, 19, 189-198.
• Vidal O, Magonthier M.-C., Joanny V., Creach M. (1995) : Partitioning of La between solid and solution during the ageing of Si-Al-Fe-La-Ca gels under simulated near-field conditions of nuclear waste disposal. Applied Geochemistry, 10, 269-284.

Natural production of hydrogen

• Brunet Fabrice, Malvoisin Benjamin, Vidal Olivier, Bruno Goffé (2013) Method for producing high purity hydrogen gaz application, CNRS, European Patent office, N° Patent 13305411.4 application date 23-05-2013
• Malvoisin B., Brunet F., Carlut J., Montes-Hernandez G., Findling N., Lanson M., Vidal O., Bottero J-Y. and Goffé B. (2013) : High-purity hydrogen gas from the reaction between BOF steel slag and water in the 473—673 K range. International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 38(18), Issue 18, 7382–7393
• Marcaillou C. Muñoz. M, Vidal. O., Parra. T, Harfouche. M. (2011) Mineralogical evidence for H2 degassing during serpentinization at 300 °C/300 bar. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 303, 281-290

Thermodynamics and metamorphic conditions

Experimental and thermodynamic data, compositional mapping and oxidation state of iron

Chlorite, mica

• Pierre Lanari, Olivier Vidal, Vincent De Andrade, Benoît Dubacq, Eric Lewin, Eugene G. Grosch, Stéphane Schwartz (2013) XMapTools : A MATLAB©-based program for electron microprobe X-ray image processing and geothermobarometry, Computers & Geosciences, Available online 6 September 2013
• Munoz, M., Vidal, O., Marcaillou, C., Pascarelli S., Mathon O. and Farges, F. (2013) :Iron oxidation state in phyllosilicate single crystals using Fe-K pre-edge and XANES spectroscopy : Effects of the linear polarization of the synchrotron X-ray beam. American Mineralogist, 98(7), 1187-1197.
• Vincent De Andrade, Jean Susini, Murielle Salom, Olivier Beraldin, Cecile Rigault, Thomas Heymes, Eric Lewin , and Olivier Vidal (2011) : Submicrometer Hyperspectral X-ray Imaging of Heterogeneous Rocks and Geomaterials : Applications at the Fe K-Edge. Anal. Chem., 2011, 83 (11), 4220–4227
• Muñoz M., De Andrade V., Vidal O., Lewin E. Pascarelli S., Susini J (2006) : Micro-XANES mapping at the iron K-edge and redox and speciation micro-mapping using dispersive X-ray absorption spectroscopy ESRF Highlights
• DeAndrade, V., Vidal, O., Lewin, E., O’Brien, P. and Agard, P. (2006) : Quantification of electron microprobe compositional maps of rock thin sections : an optimized method and examples. J. Metam. Geol., 24, 655-668
• Munoz, M., DeAndrade, J., Vidal, O. Lewin, E., Pascarelli, S. and Susini, J. (2006) : Redox and speciation micro-mapping using dispersive X-ray absorption spectroscopy : Application to iron in chlorite mineral of a metamorphic rock thin section. G-cube, vol /11
• Vidal, O., DeAndrade, V., Lewin, E., Munoz, M., Parra, T. and Pascarelli, S. (2006) P-T-deformation-Fe3+/Fe2+ mapping at the thin section scale and comparison with XANES mapping. Application to a garnet-bearing metapelite from the Sambagawa metamorphic belt (Japan). J. Metam. Geol, 24, 669-683
• Vidal, O., Parra T., Vieillard. (2005) : Experimental data on the Tscherrmak solid solution in Fe-chlorites : Application to natural examples and possible role of oxidation. Am. Mineral., 90, 359-370
• Parra T., Vidal, O. & Theye, T. (2005) : Experimental data on the Tschermak substitution in Fe-chlorites. Am. Mineral., 90, 359-370
• Vidal, O., Parra, T. and Trotet, F (2001) : A thermodynamic model for Fe-Mg aluminous chlorite using data from phase equilibrium experiments and natural pelitic assemblages in the 100-600°C, 1-25 kbar P-T range. Am. J. Sci., 301, 557-592.
• Agard P., Vidal O. and Goffé B (2001) Interlayer and Si content of phengites in HP-LT carpholite-bearing metapelites. J. Metam. Geol., 19 (5), 479-495
• Vidal, O. and Parra, T. (2000) : Exhumation paths of high pressure metapelites obtained from local equilibria for chlorite-phengite assemblages Geol. J., 35(3/4), 139-161
• Agard P., Goffé B., Touret J. and Vidal O (2000). : Fluid evolution in high pressure metamorphic settings. A case study in blueschist and greenschist metapelites from the Western Alps. Contrib. Mineral. Petrol., 140,296-315
• Vidal O., Theye T., Chopin C. (1994) : Experimental study of chloritoid stability at high pressure and various fO2 conditions. Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology, 118, 256-270.
• Vidal O., Goffé B., Theye T. (1992) : Experimental investigation of the stability of sudoite and magnesiocarpholite and calculation of a petrogenetic grid for the system FeO-MgO-Al2O3-SiO2-H2O. Journal of metamorphic geology, 10, .603-614.
• Vidal O., Goffé B. (1991) : Cookeite LiAl4(Si3Al)O10(OH)8 : Experimental study and thermodynamic analysis of its compatibility relations in the Li2O-Al2O3-SiO2-H2O system. Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology, 108, 72-81.

Smectite and others

• Bourdelle F., Parra T. Beyssac O., Chopin, C. and Vidal O. (2013) :Clay minerals as geo-thermometer : A comparative study based on high spatial resolution analyses of illite and chlorite in Gulf Coast sandstones (Texas, USA). American Mineralogist, 98, 5-6, 914-926
• Vidal, O., A. Baldeyrou, D. Beaufort, B. Fritz, B. Lanson, N. Geoffroy (2012) : Experimental study of the stability and phase relations of clays in a thermal gradient. Clays and Clay Minerals, Vol. 60, No. 2, 200–225, 2012.
• Ferrage E, Vidal O, Mosser-Ruck R, Cathelineau M, Cuadros J (2011) : A reinvestigation of smectite illitization in experimental hydrothermal conditions : Results from X-ray diffraction and transmission electron microscopy. American Mineralogist , 96, 207-223
• Ferrage E, Vidal O, Mosser-Ruck R, Cathelineau M, Cuadros J (2011) : A reinvestigation of smectite illitization in experimental hydrothermal conditions : Results from X-ray diffraction and transmission electron microscopy.- Reply American Mineralogist, 96, 1903-1904
• Dubacq, B., Vidal, O., Lewin, E (2011). : Atomistic investigation of the pyrophyllitic substitution and implications on clays stability. American Mineralogist, Volume 96, pages 241–249
• Vidal, Olivier, Dubacq, Benoît, Lanari, Pierre (2010) : Comment on "The role of H3O+ in the crystal structure of illite" by F. Nieto, M. Melini, and I. Abad. Clays and Clay Minerals, 58, 717-720
• Dubacq, B., Vidal, O., De Andrade, V. (2010). Dehydration of dioctahedral aluminous phyllosilicates : thermodynamic modelling and implications for thermobarometric estimates. Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology, 159, 159-174
• Vidal, O., Dubacq, B. (2009). Thermodynamic modelling of clay dehydration, stability and compositional evolution with temperature, pressure and H2O activity. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 73, 6544 – 6564
• Baldeyrou, A, Vidal, O. & Fritz, B. (2003) : Etude expérimentale des transformations de phases dans un gradient thermique : application au granite de Soultz-sous-Forêts. CR Geosciences 335, 371-380
• Vidal O., Goffé B, Parra T., Bousquet R. (1999) : Calibration and testing of an empirical chloritoid-chloriteMg-Fe thermometer and thermodynamic data for daphnite. J. Metam. Geol., 17, 25-39.
• Vidal O. (1997) : Experimental study of the thermal stability of pyrophyllite, paragonite, and sodic clays in a thermal gradient. Eur. J. Mineral., 9, 123-140.

Natural case studies

• Irene Cantarero, Pierre Lanari, Olivier Vidal, Gemma Alías, Anna Travé, Vinyet Baqués (2013) Long-term fluid circulation in extensional faults in the central Catalan Coastal Ranges : P–T constraints from neoformed chlorite and K-white mica, International Journal of Earth Sciences, DOI :10.1007/s00531-013-0963-8
• Pierre Lanari1,*, Yann Rolland2, Stéphane Schwartz3, Olivier Vidal3, Stéphane Guillot3, Pierre Tricart3, Thierry Dumont (2013) :: P-T-t estimation of deformation in low-grade quartz-feldspar bearing rocks using thermodynamic modeling and 40Ar/39Ar dating techniques : example of the Plan-de-Phasy shear zone unit (Briançonnais Zone, Western Alps), Terra Nova, DOI : 10.1111/ter.12079
• Lanari, P., Guillot, S., Schwartz, S., Vidal, O., Tricart, P., Riel, N., Beyssac, O., (2012) Diachronous evolution of the alpine continental subduction wedge : evidence from P-T estimates in the Brianconnais Zone houillere (France - Western Alps). Journal of Geodynamics. 56-57, 39-54.
• Pierre Strzerzynski, Stéphane Guillotc, Philippe Hervé Leloup, Nicolas Arnaud, Olivier Vidal, Patrick Ledru, Gabriel Courrioux, Xavier Darmendrail (2012) : Tectono-metamorphic evolution of the Briançonnais zone (Modane-Aussois and Southern Vanoise units, Lyon Turin transect, Western Alps) Journal of geodynamics, 56-57, 55-75.
• Pierre Lanari, Nicolas Riel, Stéphane Guillot, Olivier Vidal, Stéphane Schwartz, Arnaud Pêcher, Keiko H. Hattori (2012) Deciphering High-Pressure metamorphism in collisional context using microprobe-mapping methods : application to the Stak eclogitic massif (NW-Himalaya). Geology. 41,2, 111-114
• J. Ganne, V. De Andrade, R. Weinberg, O.Vidal, J. Allibon, B. Dubacq, L. Baratoux, D. Chardon, M. Jessell, N. Kagambega, S. Naba (2012) : The Dawn of Modern Earth Plate Subduction in the Paleoproterozoic West African Craton (2.2-2.0 Ga)". Nature Geoscience , 5, 60-65.
• Grosch, E.G., Vidal, O., Abu-Alam, T., McLoughlin, N., (2012). PT-Constraints on the metamorphic evolution of the Paleoarchean Kromberg type-section, Barberton Greenstone Belt, South Africa. J. Petrol, 53(3), 513-545.
• Verlaguet, A., Goffé, B., Brunet, F., Poinssot, C., Vidal, O., N. Findling, N., Menut, D. (2011) Metamorphic veining and mass transfer in a chemically closed system : a case study in Alpine metabauxites (western Vanoise). J. Metam. Geol., 29, 275-300
• Hattori, K, Guillot, S., Saumur B.M., Tubrett, M.V.V., Vidal, O. and Morfin, S. (2010) Corundum-bearing garnet peridotites from the northern Dominican Republic : a metamorphic product of an arc cumulate in the Caribbean subduction zone. Lithos, 114, 437–450
• Laurent Jolivet, Fabien Trotet,, Patrick Monié, Olivier Vidal, Bruno Goffé, Loïc Labrousse, Philippe Agard,Badr’r Ghorbal (2010) : Along-strike variations of P-T conditions in accretionary wedges and syn-orogenic extension : the HP-LT Phyllite-Quartzite nappe in Crete and the Peloponnese. Tectonophysics 480, 133–148.
• Schwartz, S., Tricart, P., Guillot, S., Lardeau, JM., Vidal, O. (2009) : Late tectonic and metamorphic evolution of the Piedmont accretionary wedge (Queyras Schistes lustrés, western Alps : Evidences for tilting during Alpine collision. Geological Society of America Bulletin, 121, 502-518.
• Guillot, S., Agard, P., Hattori, K., Schwartz, S., Vidal, O. (2009) Exhumation processes in oceanic and continental context : a review. In : Subduction Zone Geodynamics (F. Lallemand and F. Funiciello editors), Frontier in Earth Sciences, 175-205.
• Ganne J, Bertrand JM, Fudral S, Marquer, D & Vidal, O. (2007) : Structural and metamorphic evolution of the Ambin massif (western Alps) : toward a new alternative exhumation model for the Brianconnais domain. Bull. Soc. Géol. France, 178, 437-458
• Yamato, P., Agard, P., Goffé, B., de Andrade, V., Vidal, O., Jolivet, L. (2007) : New, High–precision P-T estimates for Oman blueschists : implication for obduction, nappe stacking and exhumation processes. J. Metam. Geol., 25, 657-682
• Trotet, F., Goffé, B., Vidal, O. & Jolivet, L. (2006) : Evidence of retrograde Mg-carpholite in the Phyllite-Quartzite nappe of Peloponnese from thermobarometric modelisation - geodynamic implications, Geodynamica Acta, 19/5, 323-343
• G. Booth-Rea1, J.M. Azañón, J.M. Martínez-Martínez, O. Vidal, V. Garcia Duenas (2005) : Contrasting structural and P-T evolution of tectonic units in the southeastern betics : Key for understanding the exhumation of the Alboran domain HP/LT crustal rocks (western Mediterranean). Tectonics, 24
• Rossi, M., Roland, Y., Vidal, O., Cox, S. (2005) Geochemical variations and element transfer during shear zone development and related episyenitisation at middle crust depths : insights from the study of the Mont Blanc Granite (French-Italian Alps). In : D. Bruhn and L. Burlini eds, High-Strain Zones : Structure and Physical Properties ; Geol. Soc. London Pub. Special Publications. IBSN:1862391785
• Ganne, J., Bussy, F. and Vidal, O. (2003) : Multi-stage garnet in the internal Briançonnais basement (Ambin massif, Savoy) : new petrological constraints on the blueschist-facies metamorphism in the Western Alps and tectonic implications. Journal of Petrology, 44, 1281-1308.
• Árkai, P., Faryad, S.W., Vidal, O. and Balogh, K. (2003) Very low-grade metamorphism of sedimentary rocks of the Meliata unit, Western Carpathians, Slovakia : implications of phyllosilicate characteristics. Int. J. Earth Sci. 92 : 68-85
• Bosse, V., Ballèvre, M. and Vidal, O (2002) :The garnet isograd in the blueschist-facies metapelites of the Ile de Groix (Armorican Massif, France) : a record of ductile thrusting during exhumation. J. Petrol.. 43, 485-510
• Trotet, F., Vidal O. and Jolivet, L. (2001) : Exhumation of Syros and Sifnos metamorphic rocks (Cyclades, Greece). New constraints on the P-T paths. Eur. J. Mineral. , 13, 901- 920
• Rossetti, F., Faccenna, C., Jolivet, L., Funiciello, R., Goffe, B., Tecce, F., Brunet, C., Monie, P. & Vidal, O. 2001. Structural signature and exhumation P-T-t path of the Gorgona blueschist sequence (Tuscan archipelago, Italy). Ofioliti 26(2A), 175-186.
• Bollinger-L ; Beyssac-O ; Avouac-J-P ; Vidal-O ; Goffe-B (2001) Quantifying the causes of the inverse metamorphism in the Lesser Himalaya. In : Special abstracts issue ; 16th Himalaya-Karakorum-Tibet workshop.Grasemann (editor) ; Stuewe-Kurt (editor), Journal of Asian Earth Sciences. 19 ; 3A, p. 6.
• Booth-Rea, G., Azañón, J-M., Goffé, B., Vidal, O. and Martínez-Martínez, J-M. (2002) High-pressure low-temperature metamorphism in the Alpujarride Units outcropping in the southeastern Betics (Spain) C.R. Geoscience 334(11), 857-865.
• Bousquet R., Oberhänsli R., Goffé B., Jolivet L. Vidal O. (1998) High pressure-low-temperature metamorphism and deformation in the Bündnerschiefer of the Engadine window : implications for the regional evolution of the eastern Central Alps. J. Metam. Geol., 16, 657-674.
• Vidal O., Theye T. (1996) : Petrology of Fe-Mg carpholite-bearing metasediments from NE Oman. (Comment). Journal of metamorphic geology, 14, 381-386.
• Theye T., Seidel E., Vidal O. (1992) : Petrology of HP metamorphic pelites from the phyllite-quartzite unit of Crete and Peloponnese (Greece). European Journal of Mineralogy, 4, 487-507.

Mass transport and transfer, deformation
• A.L. Perchuk M. Burchard H.-P. Schertl W.V. Maresch T.V. Gerya H.-J. Bernhardt O. Vidal .(2009) : Diffusion of divalent cations in garnets : multi-couple experiments. Contrib. Mineral. Petrol., 157, 573-592
• Vidal O. and Durin L.(1999) : Aluminium mass transfert and diffusion in water at 400-550°C, 2 kbar in the K2O-Al2O3-SiO2-H2O system driven by a thermal gradient or by a variation of temperature with time. Min. Mag., 63(5), 633-647.
• Rossi, M., Vidal, O., Wunder, B. & Renard, F. (2007) : Influence of time, temperature, confining pressure and fluid content on the experimental compaction of spherical grains. Tectonophysics, 441, 47-65.


• Martin C., Debaille V., Lanari P., Goderis S., Vandendael I., Vanhaecke F., Vidal O. and Claeys P. (2013) : REE and Hf distribution among mineral phases in the CV-CK clan : a way to explain present-day Hf isotopic variations in chondrites. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 120, 496-513.

• Wendt, A.S. and Vidal, O, Chadderton , L. (2002). : Experimental evidence for the pressure dependence of fission track annealing in apatite. Intimidating implications ? EPSL 6275 1-15
• Vidal, O., Wendt, A.S. ; Chadderton (2003) Further discussion on the pressure dependence of fission track annealing in apatite : Reply to the critical comment of Kohn et al. EPSL 6800, 1-10
• A.S. Wendt, O. Vidal, L.T. Chadderton (2003) The effect of simultaneous temperature, pressure and stress on the experimental annealing of spontaneous fission tracks in apatite : a brief overview, Radiation Measurements, 36, Issue : 1-6, 339-342

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