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In front of the Beichuan fault, China

Professor at the Joseph Fourier University, Grenoble and member of the Institut Universitaire de France.

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La Sierra Madre del Sur

A quick introduction
After 6 years as a research associate with CNRS, I got a position of professor at Université Joseph Fourier in 1989, where I am still today. Meanwhile, I was for two years on leave in a physics laboratory of CNRS and I spent 10 times several months in US universities. My research required that I built strong collaborations with physicists, mathematicians and geologists. I taught general geophysics at different levels in my university and I gave more specialized classes in summer schools or foreign universities.

Recent Works
My recent works are mostly concerning the use of continuous seismic records of ambient noise or of diffuse waves (funded by an ERC Advanced Grant). The applications of methods we developed are numerous in imaging at different scales : from the deep Earth to testing in the laboratory. I am particularly interested in the continuous monitoring of temporal variations of the elastic properties of the crust. These variations are related to rapid tectonic deformations (post seismic response, slow earthquakes, magma chamber loading, and potentially nucleation of earthquake rupture). To perform these analyses, we have in hands huge quantity of seismic recordings whose processing requires new computer tools that we are developing. I am also PI of a project on the Guerrero subduction zone where we study non volcanic tremors, slow slip events. We deployed new seismic arrays and continuous GPSs. I continue my work on the seismic source with scaling laws, effective friction laws, inversion methods….

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